Why Choose Softkings 

1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are passionate about our services. We sincerely believe we're your best choice. If at any time in the first 30 days your solution does not live up to our promises and you choose to leave us we'll pay you DOUBLE your money back - no strings!

2. Our Track Record

We aim to delight all of our Clients with exceptional solutions and over the top service. All our testimonials included were sent to us spontaneously by delighted clients - This is without a doubt the page that we are most proud of on our entire website!

3. We aim to Delight You with our Services

At Softkings our aim is to provide the Best ICT Solutions possible and we endeavour to do this at all times. We are dedicated to treating you with the utmost respect an providing quality support in all aspects of your Solutions. Phone us on our office land line to speak to a real life, friendly human - We are looking forward to talking to you personally! Or drop us an email at your leisure.Comprehensive Online Support Website. We have a fully comprehensive web based support system which includes both a troubleshooter to help you solve your problem and an extensive Knowledgebase with over 220 articles going over every aspect of the services we offer you!

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